Why we invested in Meesho

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In August 2016, we were fortunate to have led the seed round in Meesho.

Today, Meesho announced a $300MN fundraise led by SoftBank with participation from some of it’s existing investors including Facebook and Prosus (previously Naspers). This round values the company at $2.1BN.

Here is an article that we wrote in 2017 on why we invested in Meesho


Demystifying lending infrastructure for SMEs with Ankit Singh (iSpirt)

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Arjun Malhotra (GP, Good Capital) and Ankit Singh (iSpirt) dive into breaking down the future of the lending infrastructure in India. Starting the conversation with the on-ground reality for the credit need for SMEs, Ankit shares details on how Open Credit Enablement Network (OCEN) plans to address the massive problem of access to credit.

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Product Management is picking the right ideas, executing them well, measuring their impact and iterating. While that one line that does capture the essence, doing product management right well involves a lot more nuance. There is no dearth of disparate ideas about handling different aspects of Product Management — this is my attempt to unify those ideas under one umbrella and drive conceptual clarity.

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